Full-color monocular night vision P8 PRO is a mobile image product with excellent night vision ability. Equipped with Zhiying ®AI ISP algorithm imaging engine, it can image high-defnition full-color images in real time even in the extremely weak light environment of at least 0.003LUX. This product has the features of full-color night vision imaging, small size, light weight, large Angle of view, long visual distance, etc., suitable for temporar control at night, concealment and squatting, detection and forensics and other scenes.


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Product Advantages


  • Based on Zhiying@ AI ISP algorithm model, image signal characteristics and noise distribution are learned, scene noise and real signal are separated, and true color information of image signal is accurately restored
  • Far beyond the industr average 1.43-inch AMOLED display, maximum brightness 450nit, full color; It suppors fve levels of brightness adjustment to adapt to the application requirements of diferent environments at night
  • Batter capacity of 3350mAh, use time up to 4-5 hours, based on low power algorithmic engine, has the advantages of faster speed, lower latency and longer batter life
  • It can be used for full-color HD imaging in extremely low light scenes without additional loading of visible light or infrared light complement module. It can realize the work of the video screen, hidden recording, and help law enforcement operations at night
  • The body is made of aluminum alloy, with a large capacity batter of about 550 grams, which can be held with one hand to reduce the pressure of long-term use and make it more comforable to use. Installed on the bracket, can be fxed long-term use
  • In the night environment, the 50mm focal length and F1.0 large aperure lens can shoot the target (with people as the reference) 350 meters away, and truly record the target action and color details


Specification Parameters