Full-color night vision UAV payload DT-S2 PRO is equipped with the extremely low-light full-color AI imaging engine "Zhiying® AI ISP", which can realize full-color high-defnition night vision imaging beyond starlight level. By attaching full-color night vision payload to the UAV, the UAV is endowed with full-color night vision capability to realize a variety of innovative applications of UAV night scenes.


Product Advantages

  • Dual use day and night, capable of full color imaging under extremely low illumination
  • No obvious dragging of moving objects in nighttime scenes
  • 2560 * 1440P ultra clear image quality at night
  • Laser ranging 1000m
  • 30X optical zoom,160X hybrid zoom
  • Support ultra long range target detection
  • Supports dynamic strong light suppression
  • Support for defogging function
  • Supports 3D digital noise reduction
  • Support high-precision three-axis


Specification Parameters


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