Perfectly designed for Mavic 3E/3T , Deepthink S8 focuses on revolutionizing night operation in public safety, firefighting, search&rescue, as well as aerial bridge inspection. As a night vision gimbal camera, empowered with Deepthink proprietary technology AI ISP, S8 could capture images with crisp-color and full details under super low-light conditions.


Product Advantages

  • World-Leading Night Vision Performance

Integrated with 1/1.8'' sensor and world-leading proprietary AI ISP algorithm, Deepthink S8 delivers true color camera shooting under ultra-low light, nearly 0.0001 lux.

  • Keep Long Endurance

As a payload, Deepthink S8 has an energy consumption of around 3w which still supports DJI Mavic 3E/3T max flight time.

  • Steady More Than Usual

Smooth and stable flight is ensured by a 3-axis tilt angle stabilization range ≤±0.005°

  • Easy To Connect

Deepthink S8 could be mounted to DJI Mavic3E/3T via e-port. It is easy to connect with DJI remote controller through PSDK.


Specification Parameters


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